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•    In rotational motion, circulation is a very useful concept.

•    Circulation around a closed curve C is defined as the line integrate of the tangential component of the velocity taken round a closed curve C, taken positive in anticlockwise direction. The flow along a closed curve called as circulation.

•    E.g flow in eddies and vortices.

Circulation Concept

•    The limiting value of circulation divided by the area fo the closed contour is called as vorticity.

Γ / Area enclosed by curve C  =  2 X rotation perpendicular to area.

•    The quantity 2 ω is known as vortices which is a vector quantity. Vortices is denoted by .

                                            ζz  =  2ωz

(a) Circulation around curve        (b) Circulation around elementary

The circulation around an elementary rectangle with sides parallel to the axes X and Y as shown in.

Circulation along AB  = ( u - ∂u / ∂y . ∂y / 2) δx

Circulation along BC  =  ( v + ∂v / ∂x . ∂x / 2) ∂y

Circulation along CD  =  - ( u - ∂u / ∂y . ∂y / 2) δx

Circulation along DA  = - ( v - ∂v / ∂x . ∂x / 2) δy

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