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Fluid Dynamics


•    The study of force which produced motion in a fluid is called fluid dynamic.
•    Newton’s second law of motion is the fundamental principle on which fluid dynamics are based.
•    It states that, the resultant force on the fluid element is directly proportional to the rate of change of momentum and take place in the direction of force.

Net force  =  Mass x Acceleration

ΣF  = m . a

Concept of Control Volume and Control Surface

•    A control volume is defined as an identified volume fixed in space.

•    A control volume is bounded by a closed surface is called as control surface.

•    The shape of the control volume may be consider a parallelepiped for rectangular co-ordinate and a hollow cylinder for the cylindrical co-ordinates.

•    The fluid may enter and leave the control volume across the control surface and also enable to transfer mass, momentum and energy.

•    The net rates of change of fluid mass, momentum and energy across the control volume is called as mass flux, momentum flux and energy respectively.

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