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Ideal Fluid Flow

•    Type of flow changes according tot eh situation, e.g. flow through confined passages, fluid machines, control system etc. In reality, the flow may be complex due to such phenomenon as boundary layers, separation, recirculation etc. and difficult to analysis of flow.

•    Engineer needs to study a complex fluid motion through computational technique, it is necessary to proceed by iteration, starting with a good certain assumptions. The first approximation with ideal fluid analysis is generally preferred. It is observed that flow away from the solid boundaries i.e. where shear stresses are negligible, the flow nature is like a ideal fluid flow.

•    Flow past submerged bodies have been through conformal transformation of simple ideal flows. For e.g. Flow and lift due to fluid flow for an asymmetric aerofoil is also studied by the conformal transformation of flow around a rotating circular cylinder which indeed is obtained by the superposition of uniform stream over a doublet and a free vortex. Due to this reasons that the simple technique of ideal fluid anylsis assumes considerable importance in engineering application.

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