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Matter consists of infinite number of molecules. They are mainly classified in two state-solids and Fluids.

Solid Fluid
1.  Molecules are very closely spaced. The space between molecules is relatively large.
2.  Inter molecular cohesive force is large. Inter molecular cohesive force is less.
3. Solid can resist tensile, compressive,and
shear force upto a certain limit.
Fluid can not resist tensile force or very less
and can resist compressive forces only when
it is kept in a container.
4. Solid does not change shape or flow Fluid changes its shape and flow because of
inability to resist shearing stress.
5.  Solid undergoes static deformation
Example: metal, timber, concrete, PVC etc.
Fluid undergoes continuous deformaion

Example: kerosene, petrol, water, CO2, NO2 etc.

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