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Advertising is most susceptible to sociological difference. The task of advertising is to communicate information and persuasive appeals effectively. Advertising in foreign markets is a pretty expensive affair. Advertising on scale is meaningful for large multinational corporations operating through their own subsidiaries in several markets. For small enterprises advertising inverses markets in a big way is out of question for reasons of cost. They can however, approach professional consultants regarding choice fo media, message, etc.

Unified or Diversified Advertising Strategy

It is sometimes argued that within certain geographical areas, not necessarily, political national boundaries, the custom, culture and demand structures are increasingly becoming uniform due to extensive information flow and increased international travel. Within such a setting it becomes, therefore, logical and economic to follow a unified advertising policy.

On the other hand, there can be no doubt that across the country people may speak different languages, any have different religions and traditions, and are subject to divergent physical and climatic conditions. To motivate in such situations will definitely require proper adaptation of the advertising strategy to such diverse elements.

The criteria which help in determining whether unified or diversified strategy should be flowed are discussed below:

(a)    Type of product: When there are certain universal selling point for some products, for example, razor blades, electric irons, automobile type, ball point pens, products are sold primarily on the basis of objective physical characteristics. These objective characteristic are likely to be considered by consumers to be identical, regardless of market differences, suggesting that the same appeals will be effective in all markets.

(b)    The homogeneity and heterogeneity of markets: When characteristic such as income, education and occupations are alike, individual consumer characteristics such as needs, attitudes, and customs may also be alike, thus suggesting that he advertisers use the same selling points.

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