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Association of South East Asian Nations ASEN was established in Bangkok in 1987 by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and .Thailand. it has a population of about 500 million people .

The aim of ASEAN is:
(i)    To accelerate the economic growth , social progress and cultural development in the region
(ii)    To promote regional peace and stability through justice and rule of law and also by adhering to the principles of the United Nations.


The fundamental principles are:
(i)    Mutual respect for the independence, sovereignty, equality and national identity of all nations.
(ii)    Non-interference in the internal affairs of one another.
(iii)    Settlement of differences in a peaceful way
(iv)    Not using threat or force.
(v)    Co-operation among all nations.  

Economic Co-Operation
The framework Agreement on Enhancing Economic Co-operation was adopted in 1992. The elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers among the member countries is expected to promote productivity, competitiveness and economic efficiency. ASEAN VISION- 2020 was adopted in within the nation-ASEAN economic cooperation covers areas like trade, investment, industry, services, finance, agriculture, forestry, energy transportation, communication, small and medium enterprises and tourism.

In order to maintain external relation ASEAN has established committees comprising of heads of diplomatic missions in 15 capital cities. The Secretary- General is appointed on merit and has a five-yea term. He initiates, advises, co-ordinates of the professional staff of the ASEAN Secretariat are appointed through open recruitment and region-wide competition.

ASEAN promotes cooperative activates with organization having related objectives. There are 53 non-governmental organizations which have formed affiliation with ASEAN.

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