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Autocratic Leaders

Autocratic leaders make decisions and issuer orders and instructions by virtue of their position and authority. Leaders hold authority and responsibility for accomplishment of the task and normally follow negative leadership style to motivate workers. The threat of punishment and penalties makes workers abbey their orders. They retain decision making power with them and do not delegate authority and responsibility.

They may also offer rewards (positive motivation) to follower for their good performance. In such cases, they are called benevolent autocratic leaders.

This style is used when the leader tells his employees what he wants and how he wants it done, without seeking the support of his follower. Some of the appropriate conditions to use it are when leaders have all the information to solve the problem, thy are short on time, and their employees are will motivated.

Some people tend to think of this style as leading by threats and abusing their power. This is not the authoritarian style …. Rather it is an abusive, unprofessional style called bossing people around. It has no place in a leader’s profile.

Advantages of Autocratic Leadership style

(a)    Since decision-making power is centralized, divisions are taken quickly.

(b)    Less competent and skilled employees can be hired by management as they have to only carry out instructions of the leaders and not initiate actions on their own.

This style of leadership can be successful only in the short- run. In the long-run, it may lead to dissatisfaction and frustration amongst workers.


(a)    Workers do not get job satisfaction as they are not willing to work under negative style of leadership.

(b)    It inhibits the innovative power of workers as they do not participate in the decision-making processes.

(c)    Follower feel frustrated and dissatisfied which can affect organization productivity.

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