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1. All members of the group associated with decision-making think and generate new ideas and ways of doing a particular task. It generates as many ideas or decision-making alternatives as possible for solving a problem.

Brainstorming means use of brain for generating ideas is generated by a group where all members contribute to solve the problem. It works as follows:

(a)    The problem is clearly identified and presented to the group so that members can completely concentrate on the problem.

(b)    Members give ideas to solve the problem. The aim is to generate as many ideas ad possible as the focus is quantity and not quality. Though some of the ideas may not be useful, it generates a list of ideas some of which may be useful in solving the problem. Members are not inhibited by financial or organs tonal constraints in generating ideas. There is free flow of communication amongst members so that maximum number of ideas is generated.

(c)    No idea is criticized because the purpose of brainstorming is to promote idea generation rather than limit the alternatives. Evaluation of ideas is done at a later stage.

Brainstorming promotes creativity as members feel enthusiastic and energized to offer ideas which they fell are importantly for decision-making.

2. Nominal group technique:

Without criticizing the ideas offered by members of the group, all the suggestions are evaluated against each other and the final outcome is selected which represents consensus of members.

Nominal group technique restricts communication amongst group members. It resolves conflicts by allowing group members to rank the ideas I the order of priority.

It works as follows:
(a)    The group leader outlines the problem to the members.

(b)    Every member writes his idea independently and gives his opinion about the best solution.

(c)After the entire member’s have written their ideas, they are presented to the group
    for discussion and evaluation.

(d)After discussion, the ideas are ranked in the order of priority by the members and
    a general consensus is arrived at. If no decision is made, the voting and ranking
    Procedure is repeated until the final  decision is concluded.

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