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Descriptive Research Design

Descriptive research design is also called explanatory design. This is the one that simply describes something such as demographic characteristics of consumers who use the product. The descriptive study is typically concerned with determining frequent with which something occurs or how two variables very to gather. This study is typically guided by an initial hypothesis. For example, an investigation of the trends in consumption of soft drinks with respect to socio-economic characteristics such as age sex, ethnic group, occupation, family income, educational level geographic location, and so on; would be covered under a descriptive study

Importance of Descriptive Research

Descriptive design is used when the purpose of research is covered under one or more of the following points:

1.    TO describe the characteristics of certain groups e.g., users of a product with different age, sex,
       education, etc.

2.    To estimate the proportion of people in a specified population who behave in a certain way, e.g.,
       shopping persons who buy form a particular shop.

3.    To make specific predictions, e.g., sales of company’s product in each of the next five years, and

4.    To determine whether certain variables are associated, e.g., income and usage fo a product.

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