Effects Of Resistance To Control

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Effects of Resistance to Control

Resistance to control results in the following:

1.    Delay in work :

When workers are not satisfied with the control system, their performance gets reduced. Rather than contributing to organizational goals, they become lethargic and work slowly. This results in delayed operations.

2.    Change in attitude:

Improper controls develop negative attitude amongst workers towards their superiors resulting in personal role conflict. Personal conflict hinders the attainment of organizational goals.

3.    Behavioral displacement:

Excessive control on quantity rather than quality or means rather than ends results in displaced behavior of employees. Despite being able to contribute towards organizational goals, they reflect behavior different from that, which arises only on account of poor controls. Behavioral displacement is “a condition in which individuals engage in behaviors that are encouraged by controls and related reward system even though the behaviors actually are inconsistent with organizational goals.”

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