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According Higgins, “Entrepreneurship means the functions of seeking investment and production opportunity, organizing an enterprise to undertake a new production process, raising capital, hiring labour, arranging the supply of raw materials, finding site, introducing a new technique, discovering new sources of raw materials and selecting top managers for day-to-day operations of the enterprise.” This definition highlights risk-raking, innovating and resource organizing aspects of entrepreneurship.

According to John Kaso and Howard Stevenson, “Entrepreneurship the attempt to create value through recognition of business opportunity eh management of risk-taking appropriate to the opportunity and through the communicative and management skills to mobiles human, financial and material recognizes that entrepreneurship involves the fusion of capital, technology human talent to complete and project successfully and with reasonable degree of risk.

To sum up, entrepreneurship can be described as a creative and innovative response to the environment. Such responses can take place in any field of social endeavour-business, agriculture, education, social work and the like. The entrepreneur is an innovator, action-oriented and highly motivated, he visualizes business opportunities, gathers the necessary resources to take advantage of the environment and initiates appropriate action to ensure success.

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