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Ethics refers to a system or moral principles, a sense of right and wrong and goodness and badness of actions and their motives and consequences. Business ethic refers to the application of ethics to business. To be more specific, business ethics is the study of good and evil, right and wrong and just and unjust actions of businessmen. 

Business ethics does not differ form generally accepted norms of good or bad. If dishonestly is considered to be unethical and immoral in society, then any businessman who is dishonest  with employees , customers, shareholders or competitors is acting unethically and immorality . If protecting others forms any harm is considered to be ethical, then a company that recalls of defective and harmful product form the market is acting ethically. To be considered ethical businessmen must draw their ideas about what is desirable behavior form the same sources as anybody also. Businessmen should not try to evolve their own principles to justify what is right and wrong. Employees and employers may be tempted to apply special or weaker ethical rules to business situations. But society does not condone or permit such an exception. People who are in business are bound by the same ethical principles that apply to others.

A profession is bound by certain ethical principles and rules of conduct which reflect its responsibility, authority and dignity. The professionalization of business management should therefore, be reflected in the increasing acceptance of business ethics. The most important professional ethics is expressed by the Hippocratic oath of the Greek physician; premium non nacre (“not knowingly to harm”). This dictum implies that a professional should carefully evaluate his decision and ensure that his actions will not produce negative effects.

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