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Excellence in management

A bias for action:

Rather than sitting and thinking about ways to analytically solve a problem, managers must work in action and try their ideas in the market.

Close to the customer:

Good companies believe if the customers are happy, they kip them in business. Regular and close content with customers, providing them quality products and service lead to better managed and innovative companies.

Autonomy and entrepreneurship;

 The excellent and innovative companies encourage their managers and leaders to think and act  independently.

Productivity through people:

Companies should not see third work force as mar productive agents who convent inputs into outputs. Respect for individuals and creating a feeling amongst them that it is to success results in higher managerial efficiency.

Hands on, value Driven:

 The companies belief that the top executives must always keep in touch with the companies business is more impatient for organization success rather than the and physical resources.

Stick to the knitting:

 A firm which knows its business the best is more successful than the firm know how to run. A firm which knows its business the best is more successful than the firms which enter into multiple business activities and try them on hit and trial basis.

Simple form lean staff:

successful companies have a simple organization structure, less number of levels and less number of top exclusive who hold management powers.

Simultaneous loose- tight properties:

Efficient and successful companies follow the principle of both centralization and decentralization. important and strategic decision are centralized at the top and routine decisions are decentralized at the lower levels of organization hierarchy.

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