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Features of Decision-making

Design-making has the following features:

1. Decision-making is goal-oriented. The purpose of decision is to achieve a goal; sectional, departmental and organizational

2. It is required for every managerial function though it is closely related to planning. How good are the decisions determines how effective are the organizational plans.

3. It is process of choosing a course of action out of various courses to solve a specific problem,

4. Problem-solving is the basis for decision-making as decisions are made to solve problems. Unless there are problems, there will be no decision-making.

5. Decisions are made to solve organizational problems and exploit environmental opportunities. Both problems and opportunities, thus, need decision-making.

6. It is a pervasive process. Decisions are made in business and non-business organizations. In business organization, they are made at all levels.

7. Decisions are made at all levels in the organization’ though nature and importance of decisions vary at different levels. However, overall organizational effectiveness is determined by the quality of decisions made at all the levels.

8. It is required for every situation-certainty, risk or uncertainty.

9. It is situational in nature. Different situations (both internal and external to the organization) require different decision. Not to make a decision is also decision in some situations.

10. It is a continuous process. Manages continuously evaluate organizational activities and find problems that require decision-making.

11. It is an intellectual process. Managers use judgment, knowledge and creativity to develop solutions to the problem,

12. A managers is oriented towards making decisions rather than performing the actions personally’; actions are carried out by others.

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