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Free-Rein Leaders

Leaders give responsibility of setting goals and devising meads to achieve them to the group members. They allow group members to carry out the work on their own. The leader plays a minor role in affecting the group goals. The laissez-faire manager exercises little contra over his group, leaving them to sort out their roles and tackle their work . Without participating in their process himself. In general, this approach leaves the team foundering with little direction or motivation.

The Laissez -Faire technique usually appropriate when leaders lead a team of highly motivativated and skilled people, who have produced excellent work in the past. Once a leader has established that his team is confident, capable and motivated, it is often best to step back and let them get on with the task, since interfering can enragement and detract from their effectiveness. By handing over ownership, a leader can empower his group to achieve goals.


(a)    As employees are responsible for framing and achieving the group goals, it increases their morale and they strive for higher job satisfaction.

(b)    Employees’ potential is exploited to the fullest extent. Their innovative and creative capacities are, the fore, explored.

(c)    Subordinates train their group members and motivate them to work. This develops subordinates and increases productivity


(a)    Leaders do not participate in the group’s working. They only clear the doubts of group members. The efficiency of such work activities is generally low.

(b)    Leaving everything to subordinates may be detrimental to effective attainment of organizational goals.

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