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Importance of Communication

Communication is important because of the following reasons:

1.    Communication gives substance to organization’s existence:

Receiving information to makes plans, making members aware of authority-responsibility structure, their position it the organizational hierarchy, coordinating and integrative their activities is the essence of organization survival and growth and this sis possible through effective communication.

2.    Communication helps managers in performing managerial roles:

According to Henry Mint berg, managers perform interpersonal, informational and decisional roles and communication plays important part in performing these roles.

In performing interpersonal roles, managers interact with superiors, peers and subordinates. Studies indicate that managers spend 10% time in  communicating with superiors, 45% with peers and 45%with outsiders.

I informational roles, managers receive and give information to people internal and external to the organization like consumers, suppliers etc.

In decision roles, managers take important decisions and communicate them to others for effective implementation.

3.    Communication facilitates internal functioning of an enterprise:

Communication enables managers to perform managerial functions efficiently. This results in smooth functioning of the organization.

4.    Communication facilitates organization’s interaction with external environment:

Business is and opens system which constantly interacts with its customers, suppliers, competitors, Government and shareholder. Interests of all these parties are respected by mangers for successful working of the enterprise. Communication enables and enterprise to satisfy the needs of various parties by interacting with them.

5.    Communication bring commitment to organizational objectives:

Managers motivate, guide, control and check deviation in employees’ performance. They provide them motivators, appraise their performance and issue direction. This involves communication between managers an employees an promotes employees’ commitment to organizational goals.

6. Communication promotes job satisfaction:

Exchange of information between managers and subordinates develops better understanding of ht organization position .People are committed to organizational objectives and perform better to achieve job satisfaction.

7. It improves employees’ motivation to work:

Effective communication helps managers know needs of their employees and employees know needs of the organization and motivate workers to coordinate their needs with organizational needs.

8. Communication facilitates coordination:

Communication coordinates organization resources (human with non-human), individual goals with organizational  goals and internal environment  with external environment. Coordination is the key to fornication success and communication is an active contributor to coordination.

9. Facilitates leadership:

Effective leaders guide and inspire the followers to perform their individual and organization goals. Communication process helps leaders to carry to carry out the leadership functions.

10. Facilitates control:

Planning is effective when accompanied by a control system. Control is possible when managers assess subordinates’ performance, correct and percent devotions communication system of the elongation. How effectively managers control depends upon how effective is the communication system.

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