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Importance of Decision

First of all, we decide whether the research is needed is needed at all to solve a problem at hand. If needed. then we decide what steps should be taken in research. In the present text, our effort is concentrated on the importance of decision, choosing the decision criterion. Bayesian analysis and decision tree analysis.

In a research project a researcher’s job is to identify, dissect with precision, and translate executive’s problem into one or more research problem. It may be noted that an executive requests a research without specifically calculating research difficulties, expense, and time constraints within which a researcher has to operate. It is worthwhile to mention that an executive does nto clearly understand whiter the existing or no information will serve his purpose or very pertinent information through research is needed.

In designing a research problem a researcher must be aware of the following components:

(i)    who the decision maker is, environment in which he operates and resources the commands;

(ii)    the objectives or goals the hopes to accomplish must be in quantifiable form and measurable terms;

(iii)    the possible course of action available for solving the problem; and

(iv)    the consequences or outcomes of each alternative course of action.

An understanding of these components is a key to problem formulation and effective manipulation of the subsequent research steps.

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