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Interpersonal Conflict

When conflict arises amongst people of different levels or functional areas, it is called interpersonal conflict. It arises on account of the following reasons:

(a)    If people interacting with each other have different ego states, that is, they think and behave differently; there may be crossed transitions amongst them. Lack of complementary transaction leads to interpersonal conflict.
(b)    When people with different value systems interact with each other, they react differently to the same situation. They interpret the same information differently and work in different ways. This gives rise to interpersonal conflict.
(c)    When people from diverse backgrounds work in the same organization, they may develop interpersonal conflicts. This happens want hey belong to different casts, religion, nation etc. They think differently and, therefore behave differently and conflicts may arise.
(d)    When organization situations formic people to see things differently. They may think of their personal interests tithe than organically interests. Since people have different interests, their behavior will be different which may lead to interpersonal conflict.

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