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Limitations of Using Secondary Data

The use of secondary data for searches not free form limitations. Following text presents the major limitations of secondary data:

1.    Limited Applicability

Finding data to suit a specific project is very cumbersome. Collection and use of secondary data requires a lot of handwork on the part of researcher. The secondary data may have three types of variations. Which may hinder their use for the project at hand: (i) units of measurement may be different, (ii) definitions and data classes may be different, data my be outdated (obsolete). To tackle these difficulties. The researcher has to make necessary alteration in secondary data to make these really suitable for use in the problem at hand.

2.    Doubtful Accuracy

It is difficult to find data do needed accuracy. Often, the available data are distantly related with the research problem at hand. It is difficult to determine their accuracy for the present project. Moreover. Some secondary data may be wrongly collected or fabricated by the research agencies who originally collected them. Such data cannot be used for the present research project as their use would distort the research results.

To know the accuracy and reliability, an evaluation of the available data must be arrived out. For this purpose, following aspects may be of great value to the researcher: (i) the data pertinence that is, to which problem the data pertain and what relation these have to the present probme; (ii)

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