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Management and Administration

Management and Administration are different
Management and theorists who consider management and administration as different hold view points. According to one viewpoint, administration is above management and management is part of administration and according to there, management is above administration and administration is a part of management.

1. Administration is above management:

This view is advocated by the American author’s Mc Farmland etc. According to them, administrations a higher level function of lasting down policies, plans, objectives, etc. and management is a lower level function concerned with the determination of corporate policy, the administration is concerned with the termination of corporate policy, the ordination of finance, production and distribution the settlement of the compass of the organization and the ultimate control of the executive.

2. Management is above administration:

This view point on administration and management is advocated by the British authors. This management is a social process entailing responsibility for the effective and economical planning and regulation of the operation of an enterprise in fulfillment of a given purpose or task. Administration is that part of management which is concerned with the installation and carrying out of the procured by which the programmed is laid down and communicated and the progress of activities us rejected bad checked against Okays.”

Management and administration are the same

Authors like Chester Bernard, George R. Terry, Koontz and ‘o’ Donnell etc. have advocated this viewpoint on interpretation of the terms management according to them two terms are the same. The deference is not in their meaning, but in their application.

It is also asserted that both administration and management involve the basic planning, organizing and controlling. There is difference in their application meaning. The term ‘administration’ is generally used in Government organizations and management is used in business organizations.
The controversy between the use of terms ‘administration’ and management has almost disappeared as management institutes make no distinction between them. Books explain concepts of management institutes made no knowledge of management ate also called MBA (master of business Administration).

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