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 Management as a Discipline

Management, as a discipline, is viewed as a distinct field of study.

Since importance of management is increasing, there is need for specialized institutions to impart the knowledge of management to people. Management is, thus, taken as a separate field of study. In this context, today, all over the world, many institutions offer specialized courses in management of business administration (MBA).

Though management practices ideas from other fields of studs of study as psychology, sociology etc., it is a complete discipline in itself.

Management, which was introduced as a distinct field of study in the year 1886, has grown to an enormous size today. Some of the important characteristics of management as a discipline are as follows:

1. The increasing importance of management is evidenced by the fact that the number of students enrolling in management study is on a constant increase. Around 20-30% of students today join management institution.

2. The number of articles, journals, text-books and reference books on management is on a constant increase.

3. Management is formally taught in Universities as “Management of Business Administration (MBA).”In fact, many institutes are named as Institutes of management.

4. Though management still remains to be called a profession in the true sense of the term, as medicine and engineering, it is fast moving towards professionalizing.

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