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Management as a group

Management is a group effort. An individual cannot manage the organization alone. Managers at all levels-top, middle and low, coordinate their efforts to establish organizational goals and frame policies to achieve them.

The performance of organization depends upon collective performance of its managers. Top managers are responsible for overall management of the enterprise. They lay company’s plans and policies and integrate its working with the external environment. Top mangers are titled as chief executives, presidents or vice-presidents of a company.

Middle level managers mediate between top level and lower level managers. They integrate company’s plans and policies with the capacities of their subordinates, guide their subordinates and motivate them to excel in organizational performance.

Lower lives managers are also known as first-line managers. They directly instruct the employees to work according to company’s plans and goals.

Management as a group is defined as performing organizational task with and through others.

“Management is defined as the process but which a co-operative group directs actions towards common goals”.

The group effort achieves efficiency in resource utilization and effectiveness in achieving goals. Efficiency means producing the some units of output with lesser number of inputs and effectiveness means achieving the organizational goals successfully. It amounts to doing the right things.

This is also the sociologist’s view of management. As the organization becomes more and more complex, there is need for a class of brains to handle these complexities. This can be done by a group of people who have specialized knowledge and education in the field of management. Management is, thus, a separate class of people with specialized knowledge that deals with complexities of an organization.

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