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 Management as an Activity

Activity means exercising some kind of action. Management as an activity can be understood in terms of actions performed by managers to achieve organizational objectives within the constraints of internal and external environment.

Management as an activity, thus, defines the role of managers. Empirical evidence has peeved that managers perform ten roles which can new broadly classified into three. These are described below:

1. Interpersonal roles or activities:

Management is defined as the art of getting things done through others. In dealing with others, managers contact their superiors, peers, subordinates and outside parties. They greet people; attend a subordinate’s function; receive official visitors; hire, train and motivate employees; solve their psychological and work-related problems and contact people within and outside the organization. Though these activities are routine in nature, they help managers in running the organization smoothly.

2. Informational roles or activities:

In dealing with people within and outside the organization, managers communicate with stakeholders like consumers, creditors, employees. Suppliers. Government etc. They need information to make right decisions and communicate them to members. In this context, managers perform various activities like collect information from various journals and conducting roars; transmit information to members of the organization through meetings. Notices and circulars and interact with people outside the organization to communicate them company’s plans and policies.

3. Decisional roles or activities:

The information collected by managers in informational roles is not only communicated to others but also used by them as inputs for making decision. In this regard, managers perform the activities of using market information to launch a new product, solve organizational disturbances like strikes, lick outs etc., allocate scarce resources over business activities in the order of priority and negotiate amongst parties within (employees and employers) and outside (organization and suppliers or union representatives) the organization.

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