Methods Of Management Development

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Methods of Management Development

Similar to methods of training, management development programmers fall into two major categories:

1.    On-the-job methods:

In these methods, managers watch the behavior o other manager and learn through the, excellent managers, thus, act as role models for other manager who follow third behavior.

Different on-the-job methods are discussed below:

(a)    Coaching :

The superiors provide coaching to the subordinate managers and guide them to acquire carious working skills. This develops potential managers who succeed the outgoing managers.

(b)Job rotation:

       Managers work on different jobs by rotation and acquire varied skills to work on those jobs. Manager’s gain experience of different departments and can, therefore, perform a wide variety of tasks.

(c)Training positions:

The fresh appointees work under managers as trainees and assistants. Gradually, they develop managerial sills and become competent to take over higher managerial positions.

(d) Planned work activities:

The trainees take important job assignments and attend meetings to learn managerial aspects of the organization. This develops their managerial sills.

2.    Off-the-job methods:
In these methods, managers are trained outside the work plac. While working outside the organization, they meet people form other organization, share their experiences and knowledge and get mutually benefited. The important off-the-job management development methods are:

(a)    Class room coaching:

Class room coaching develops various case studies and role playing methods to enhance managerial skills of managers. It introduces managers to new concepts, principles, theories and business situations and enhances their knowledge on management development areas.

(b)    Sponsored programmers:

Various outside agencies and universities conduct programs for management developed. Managers attend these courses rather than getting training within the organization. Lectures and demonstrations form part o such development programmers.

(c)    Seminars:

Managers of different departments pool their ideas, information and suggestions and learn through each other’s experience in seminars. Problems of different nature are discussed and solutions are suggested without disturbing the actual work situations.

(d)    Simulation :

Models of real business situation are created and managers are assigned a role to play similar to the actual work place. Without disturbing the work situations. Manages develop competence and skill to deal with behavioral and non-behavioral aspects of their jobs.

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