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Nature of Communication

1.    Communication is a process:

Communication is a process of sequential order of steps that makes it complete and effective.

2.    It is a continuous process:

Communication is like flow of blood in the human body. As continuous flow of blood is necessary for survival of human body, continuous exchange of information is necessary for survival and growth of the organization.

3.    It is means of unification of organizational activities:

Communication unifies internal organization environment with its external environment. It also integrates the human and physical resources and converts them into organization output.

4.    Two people:

A minimum of two persons-sender and receiver of message-must be present for communication to take place. It may be between superiors, subordinates and peer group, intra or inter se.

5.    It is pervasive managerial activity:

Communication is necessary for busies and non-business organization. It is also important at each level of organization hierarchy-top, middle and lower levels.

6.    It is the foundation of good management :

Though communication is a directing function, it is importance of roster managerial functions also. Designing plans and organization structures motivating people to accomplish goals and controlling origination activities; all require communication amongst managers at various levels.

7.    It is a means, not and end:

Communication is not an end. Effective communication is a means towards achieving the end, that is, goal accomplishment. It smoothens managerial operations by facilitating planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling functions.

8.    It is a human activity:

Since communication makes accomplishment of organizational goals possible, it is essential that people understand and like each other. If people do not understand each others’ view point, they cannot engage in effective communication.

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