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Nature of Motivation

1.    It is and internal force:

The degree of motivation cannot be measured in quantitative terms. It can only be observed through actions and performance of employees. Motivation is an internal force or feeling of a person.

2.    Effect of environmental factors:

Internal organization factors play important role in motivating the employees, pallor working conditions, labor management conflict, autocratic style of management may affect individual’s initiative to work, however, able or willing he is to  perform the task. Conversely, a clean and a quiet environment, healthy and cordial relationships encourage workers to contribute to organizational output.  

3.    It is and angling process:

The process of motivation; observing human needs, behavior and action is continuously followed by managers. Since human needs are multiple and importance of needs keeps changing, managers constantly watch their needs-behaviour-action.

4.    It is a pervasive function:

Motivation is required at all levels o management. Both managers and non-managers need to be motivated to accomplish the organization goals and though them their personal goals.

5.    It is a complicated process:

Since understanding human needs is a difficult task, motivation is a complicated or complex task.

6.    Skilled mangers:

Managers have to be skilled in motivation their employees. Unless they understand human needs, right motivators cannot be adopted. Of all the skills that managers must have, the skill of motivating employees was greatly emphasized upon in a study conducted on motivation.

7.    Positive and negative motivation :

The term motivation morally means rewarding a person for contributing to organizational output. Negative motivation, that is, punishments and penalties, though not often used, can also be effective in influencing the human behavior.

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