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Nature of Staffing

The following features explain the nature of staffing:

1.    Management function:

Staffing is an important management function that appoints people at different posts to run the organization.

2.    Pervasive function:

People are the most important asset that converts inputs into outputs. People are appointed at all levels (top,middle,low) in all functional areas ( production , finance, marketing, personnel).Staffing ensures that right persons are appointed at the right job so that organization can efficiently achieve its objectives.

3. Part of human resource management:

Staffing function is and important part of human resource management. Human resource management ensures that competent people perform organizational activates. It deals with the set of organizational activates that attract, develop and maintain and effective workforce. The requirements of human resource management are filled through staffing as staffing appoints people at the desired jobs.

4. Deals with active resource:

Staffing deals with the most important resource (people) that converts inactive resources (raw materials) into productive outputs. It deals with the live resource
(people) without whom organization’s resources would remain as resources only. They will not be converted outputs. 

5. Attached with personnel department:

      Functions of staffing, recruitment, selection, training and appraisal of subordinates of all departments (production, marketing etc.) are performed by manages at all levels as all departments need people to function. In performing these functions, managers seek assistance of the personnel department. Personnel department is a service department that assists line manages in performing the staffing function.

6. Continuous function:

Staffing is a continuous managerial function. People deep leaving and joining the organization. Departments and organizations grow and, therefore, need for people keeps arising. Hiring, training and compensating people (staffing) are, therefore, continuously performed by managers.

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