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Objectives of Appraisals

Performance appraisal has the following objectives:

1.   Appraisal is a judgment which requires definite standards. Actual performance is compared with standards and goals. Such standards should be worked out by organizations and conveyed to all the employees. If it is not known, judgment will be one way only. In a astound appraisal system, goal setting must be high; and accordingly high performance is expected. Goal setting must be a mutual process and appraisal system should be transparent and known to employees. If there is no system of appraisal, superiors will waste time in making decisions. Also, in absence of specific knowledge superiors will waste time in making decision. Also, in absence of specific knowledge, they will depend upon chance. Such a thing should not happen and, therefore, there should be high goals and high performance appraisal system.

2.    To judge means to apply a set of values. Value judgments without clear, sharp and public standards are irrational and arbitrate. Such judgment or appraisal will emotive the managers and subordinates. It should, thus, be based on sound and objective appraisal standards.

3.    Performance appraisal depends on “Merit Rating”. Merit rating refers to what the employee is. Performance appraisal refers to what the employee does. Appraisal records what is done by the employee. Merit rating gives information about “poterntial.”Personlality” and “promise” but appraisal tells about performance.

4.    Standards consider what work was assigned, what resources were granted and what promises were given regarding salary/rewards. They, provide a measure o evaluation.

5.    One can only build in strength. One can only achieve by doing. One cannot achieve anything with what one does not do. Appraisal must, therefore, aim in bringing out what a man can do . Only when a man’s strengths are known and understood, it makes some sense. Weaknesses, by themselves, are of no interest. Appraisal should refer to knowing more, doing better and behaving differently. If these there things are accomplished, then only he managers will be better, stronger and effective.

6.    Appraisal should be and integral part of the system of managing. It is an essential element in the whole system of managing and in the sun-system of managerial staffing. Knowing how well a managers plans, organizes, staffs, directs, leads and controls is the only what to assure that those occupying managerial positions are actually managing effectively. If a business is to reach its goals effectively and efficiently, there should be ways o accurately measuring and implementing management performance.

7.    It is human tendency to recall only the latest events or achievements. Similarly only latest failures are remembered. Appraisals should cover some specific periods where and employee was involved fully, o even in his absence, how the deputy was doing, to what extent there was delegation of authority and responsibility. It should reflect a whole picture so that corrective measures cab be taken.

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