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Organization Structure

Organization is “establishing effective behavior Ural relationships among persons so that they may work together efficiently and gain personal satisfaction in doing selected tasks under given environmental conditions for the purpose of achieving some goal or objective”

Organizing refers to a whole divided into parties, each party assigned to organizational members, assigning authority and establishing relationships amongst them for collective contribution towards organizational goals. The division of work into smaller units, assigning people to those jobs and defining inter-relationships creates the organization structure. It defines the powers that people enjoy by virtue of their official position.

“An organization’s structure specifies its division of work activities and shows how different functions or activities are linked; to some extent it also shows the level of speculation of work activities. It also indicates the organization’s hierarchy and authority structure, and shows its reporting relationships.”  

Organization structure is the formal pattern of interactions and coordination designed by management to link the tasks of individuals and groups in achieving organization goals.”
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