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Product Planning For Exports

Product planning for exports is a process for selecting items for a target market. It involves determination of length and depth of product line. length related to a number of products and depth signifies variegation of a particular item. This process is generally confined to the existing product line for which the intending exporter has the necessary manufacturing capabilities. Ethnic and specially items have no problems. The difficulty lies with manufactured products where the requirements are different. This is attributed to a variety of reasons like physical conditions, functional needs and method of product use. Fore instance large refrigerators, bigger appliances are liked in the US. In developing countries bicycles are used fore transportation. Against this Americans require SLR bicycles for recreation. Father Switzerland has sold the same watch in different case to USA and Japan due to variation in wrist size. Hand pumps for use by African farmer must have a sturdy handle for tying buffaloes. likewise, there could be a number of examples where same products are sold differently in different markets. The subject involves discussion on issues like product adaptation, standardization, product life cycle, brands, packaging and support services.

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