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Purposive Samples

In purposive samples it is assumed that with the help of prior knowledge, good judgment and discretion and appropriate strategy, one can select cases according to the needs of the survey and thus develop representative samples. Those cases are selected which are judged to be typical of the population.

This technique will vary from one investigator to another, but in general it affords considerable freedom in the choice of the units, with the restriction that certain characteristics of the respondents (religion,, race, income, occupation, age , marital statures & so on) be represented in the sample. Thus if the universe consists of 30% males, 20% from rural area, the investigations would attempt to obtain a final sample with these characteristics.

Purposive samples have been used to forecast national elections, to ascertain public reaction to a particular commercial product or a major public issue. It is successful for practical goals when quick and crude results would be satisfactory.

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