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Quality of Work Life

Dissatisfaction with working life is a problem that affects almost all workers some time or another, regardless of position or status. The frustration, overdone, and anger common to employees can be costly to both individuals and organizations. Managers seek to reduce job dissatisfaction at all orgnisationallevels, including their own. This is a complex problem however, because it is difficult to isolate and identify the attributes which affect the equality of working life.

Profitability of any company is linked to satisfaction of its workforce. A company that does not measure and improve employee satisfaction may face increasing turnover, declining productivity, and limited ability you attract and retain qualified replacements. Employee satisfaction and quality of work life directly affect a company‘s ability to serve its customers. Efforts towards QWL measurement help in efficient and effective allocation of resources to enhance productivity and stability of the workforce. It leads to:

•    Positive employee attitudes toward their work and the company
•    Increased productivity and intrinsic motivation, and
•    Enhanced organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

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