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Research Design

Fundamental to the success of any formal marketing research project is a sound research design. A good research design has the characteristics, viz, problem definition, specific methods of data collection and analyses to be incurred. The function of research design is to ensure that the required data are collection they are collected accurately and economically. A research design is purely and simply the framework  or plan for a study that guides the collection and analysis of data. It is a blueprint that is followed in completing a study. It resembles the architect’s blue print (map) for constructing a house. It may be worthwhile to mention here that a research design is nothing more than the framework for the study ensures that: (1) the study will be relevant to the problem, and (2) the study will employee economics procedures.

Three important points about research designs are:

(1)    the design of investigation should stem from the problem.

(2)    whether the designs are productive in a given problem setting depends on how imaginatively they are applied. An understanding of the basic designs is needed so that they can be modified to suit specific purposes; and

(3)    the three basic designs can be looked at a stages in a continuous process. Their interrelationships, Exploratory or formularize studies are often seen as the initial step in the continuous research process.

Relationship and Interaction among the Research Designs

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