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Research Methodology

Research Methodology is generally a way to systematically solve the Research Problem. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. A researcher adopts various steps in studying his research problem along with the logic behind them. Therefore, it is essential for a researcher to know not only the methods / techniques but also research methodology. The researcher also needs to understand assumption underlying various understand assumption underlying various techniques. He needs to know the criteria by which they can decide which techniques and procedures will be applicable tot certain problem as the same may differ form problem to problem. Similarly he has to expose the research decisions to evaluation before they are implemented. He has to specify selects and why he salves them so they can be evaluated by others also.

There is a wide range of available alternation methodology. The criteria for understanding Management phenomenon are many from qualitative to quantitative methods. Social sciences including Management seek to understanding social phenomenon in terms of “meaningful categories of human experiences. In their case the causal functional approach of natural sciences is not applicable to social inquiry.

Management requires its own research methodology as methods and techniques are usually followed or applied along with the sources, subject matter and goals of the discipline, such research methodology, to some extent, mat be applicable to subject which have a closer relations with Management or their specific aspects and are as which fall within the preview of the subject particularly Management, Commerce, Public Administration, Sociology and Economics. However, there are many techniques and methods which have proved useful in other discipline can not be considered useful in Management.

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