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Research Methods

The various research methods used for collecting primary data are

(a)Survey Method:

Survey is the most widely used method of marketing research. It involves asking the respondents answers to question. TH questions are aimed at eliciting the information needed by the interviewer. Manila questionnaire survey is a very useful survey method when personal interviews are not possible.

(b) Experimental method:

The method helps to highlighting those areas in which problem may arise, where planed are inadequate and areas which require change immediately. This method simulates a real market situation.

(c) Observational Method:

This method involves the collection of data through observation by examining the rerecords and seeing the titration and behavior of the subjects under consideration for research. This method yields accurate results.

Tools used in data analysis

Most frequently used tools in data analysis are:

(a)    Correlation and Regression:

Correlation analysis is used to identify the relationship between two variables and regression that is used to identify the degree of relationship between he variable under study.

(b)    Time series analysis:

 This is used to relate the present data to foresee the future.

(c)    Factor analysis:

Elements that lead to problem or which are under study are categorized in to identical factors and analyzed.

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