Role Of Channels In Distribution

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Role Of Channels In Distribution

The set f intuitions which participate in the distribution of goods form the point of production to the point of consumption is referred to as

Functions Of distribution Channel
1.    Concentration and dispersion of goods
2.    Creation of reserves
3.    Number of day  to day transactions are reduced
4.    Channel of communication
5.    Promotional activates
6.    Postpones changes in the product

Channels of Distribution

(a)    Manufacturer Consumer:

This is the shortest distribution channel in which the producer sells the product directly to the consumer either through direct mailing or through door-to-door sale by its salesman.

(b)    Manufacturer: retailer consumer:

Many manufacturers use their agents to supply their product directly to the retailers.

(c)    Manufacture- Wholesaler-Retailer-Consumer :

This is the most commonly used channel of distribution in most of the consumer products.


Manufacture, instead of wholesaler prefers to use their agents to reach the retailer’s hen they have difficulty in identifying reasonable whole-sealers.

(e)Manufactures-Agents- Wholesaler-Retailer-Consumer:

Manufacturers have not coincide market, appoint their selling agents in various regions how sell the products to whole-sealers and wholesalers in term sell the to retailers.

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