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Styles of Making Strategy

1. Entrepreneurial Mode:

This strategy applies to risk- seeking organization. The top- level executives frame strategies bases on their experience and judgment. The strategy aims at growth of the organization by seeking threats and opportunities, accepting them and moving the organization to a new direction. The entrepreneur aims at growth-oriented strategies by looking for new opportunities in the environment based purely on estimates of future and not rational estimates of environmental treats or opportunities.

2. Adaptive Mode:

While entrepreneurial mode of strategy making is offensive in nature, the adaptive mode is defensive in nature, It aims at making strategies in business areas where the organizations so not want to take risks, do not look forward to changers in the environment but accept the changes as they occur. It aims at making strategies where organizations adapt to the changing environment.

3. Planning Mode:

This is similar to entrepreneurial mode with the difference that this mode of making strategies is more strategic is more scientific and systematic in nature. The organization perceives changes in environment well in advance and through proper planning prepares itself to face these changes. It is, thus, a future-oriented mode of strategy- making where organization is prepared to face the future challenges. The estimates of future are bases on structured.systematic and rational analyses of environmental threats and opportunities.

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