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Training Process

The training programmed consists of the following steps:

1.    Identity the training needs:

The trainer has to first understand himself, his skills, style and the training needs. He should know why it is important to impart training to employees. He can do this by studying their behavior, and discussing with others the needs for development. The broad training programmed is broken into specific needs of each employee to have knowledge of the product, methods to convince the clients, maintain lasting relationships with them etc. Every employee differs with respect to his need for training. Afresh appointee needs more training than an experienced one. Training programmed cannot be standardized. It has to be customized to the needs of employees. This helps the trainer  focus on the purpose and timing of training and adopts a suitable training method. Managers identify training needs of employees in the following ways:

(a)    They judge their performance in terms of volume of business, expenses, number of contact with clients etc. and identify the raining required to increase their skills.
(b)    They hold interviews with employee’s ad identify their training needs. They analyze their job and try to remove the difficulties thy face in the job by conducting training programmers.

2.    Design the training programmed:

The trainer understands the trainee’s job and designs the training programmed accordingly. Managers identify the essential and desirable job skill that may affect employees’ performance and results. They analyze the job description. Prepare a job profile and establish a skill set and behavior set of attributes required for their role. They also identify the priorities of the basic training plan and the training needs.

3.    Conduct  the training programmed and asses the trainee’s skills, styles and attributes:

The managers assess the trainees’ skills, style, attributes, situation and their learning style to conduct the training programmed. He holds interviews an with the employees and conducts one-to-one counseling to know and understand them. Help explains technical details of the job and involves them in completing the training programmed.

4.    Break down each sill to train:

The manager breaks down each skill to the employee to be trained and identifies the standards of each part. He does this through one-to-one counseling with each employee, listening to tem, understanding them and recording facts in writing. He collects the relevant reference material (manuals, standards, company documents etc.), prepares the skill assessment sheet and involves them in preparing various documents.

5.    Training follow-up:

After the trading programmed is put to practice, the managers follows up the programmed. He measures, records and supports the training programmed and makes adjustments in the training plan, If found appropriate, If everything goes well, he continues with the training programmed. During the course of follow up, he continuously counsels and understands the employees.

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