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Uses of marketing Research

Following are the major uses of MIR:
(I)    It helps in obtaining sufficient background information where absolutely nothing is known about the problem area or product field in question.

(II)    In helps in concept identification and in its exploration.

(III)    It is used to identify relevant and salient behavioral patterns, beliefs, opinion, attitudes, motivation, etc.

(IV)    MR is useful in establishing priorities amongst categories of behavior and psychological variables like beliefs, option and attitudes.

(V)    Quantitative MR is generally helpful in defining problem areas fully and formulating hypotheses for further investigation and quantification.

(VI)    MR is useful during a preliminary screening process in order to reduce a large number of possible contenders to a smaller number to probable ones.

(VII)    MR also helps in obtaining large amount of data bout beliefs. attitudes, etc., as data input for mutltivatiable analysis studies.

(VIII)    It is also used in conducing post-research investigations or post mortems to amplify and explain certain points emerging form some major study without having to repeal these on a large scale.

(IX)    It is used in piloting questionnaires to test comprehension. word forms, the memory factor, etc.

(X)    Qualitative type MR is used where we cannot discover in a simple straightforward manner, like direct questioning. why people behave as they do because the field of enquiry is personal and embarrassing in some way. In such circumstances some alternative is called for in which projective questioning technique may be used in a qualitative research setting.

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