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Process or Functional Layout

Process layout means the arraignment of similar machines in a group in one department accounting to the functions they perform in the plant. Thus, welding equipment may be placed in a separate bedbug department for the benefit of all line of department.

This type of layout is generally adopted for job order production under which different varieties of goods are produced in comparatively smaller quantities at irregular intervals. It can be shown as below:-

Combined Layout.

In practice. Plants are generally laid out neither on the pure line pattern nor on the pure functional basis. It is usual for industries engaged in repetitive processes manufacturing standardized products to group expensive machines of a certain type foe intensive use. Machine groupings of this type are then integrated it not he ‘line’. Likewise special service facilities like heavy cranes and fabrication stages calling for flexibility (say, welding) may be grouped for use on a number of different parts of a standard product.

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