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Scheduling Procedure and Techniques

Scheduling normally starts with the Master Schedule. A Master Schedule resembles central office which possesses information about all the order in hand. Master schedule is a weekly breakdown of the production requirements. The total capacity in any week is of 100 hours of work in the foundry shop.

As the orders are received, depending upon their delivery dates, they are market on the master schedule. When the shop capacity is full for the present week the newly acquired orders are carried over to the next week and so on. A master schedule is thus updated continuously. it depicts a running total of the production requirements and shows the work ahead yet  to be completed.


(1)    It is simple and easy to understand
(2)    It can be kept running (i.e.current)
(3)    It involves less cost to make it and maintain it;
(4)    It can be maintained by non-technical staff
(5)    A certain percentage of total weekly capacity can be allocated for rush orders.


(1)    It provides only overall pictures
(2)    It does not give detailed information


It finds applications:-
(1)    In big firms, for the purpose offloading the entire plant.
(2)    In Research and Development organizations
(3)    For the overall planning in foundries, computer centers, repair shops, etc.

After framing the overall picture of production requirements though a Master Schedule Chart, the detailed schedules are thought of and made for each component and subassemblies so that all parts are available at the time of assembly. There are number of usual aids and techniques, both in the from of conventional charts  and commercially available boards, which aid in detailed scheduling. The  technique to be employed for scheduling purposes depends upon the type of production, type and frequency of tasks, demand patterns etc. A useful scheduling device normally portrays planned production, actual performance and their comparison .

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