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What is Biostatistics ?

Biostatistics is a portmanteau wordframed from biology and statistics. It is also referred to as biometry or biometrics. Biostatistics is an application of statistics to a wide range of biological (life) problems, which includes (i) Public Health, (ii) Medicine, and (iiii) Ecological and Environmental issues.
The role of biostatistician is very much important in dealing with the biological data. Biostatistician should identify and develop suitable treatments for disease and also examine the effects of such treatment on subjects  under the consideration. In addition, the biostatistician should not only identify risk factors for disease, but also should design, observe, analyze, interpret and produce a report based on results of clinical studies. Mainly, statistical methodologies have to be developed to address queries arising from the data related to medical or public health issues. The most popular analysis used in the field of biological and health related problems is Survival Analysis.

Some of the applications of biostatistics are listed below:
(i) Public Health - Epidemiology and Environmental health
(ii) Medicine - Design and Analysis of Clinical trials
(iii) Biology - Sequence Analysis

Biostatistics Homework Help

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