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Eviews (Econometric Views) is a statistical package developed for Windows.  It was developed by Quantitative Micro Software (QMS) for the purpose of Time-Series Analysis and Econometric Analysis. Now, it is a part of IHS.  The latest version of Eviews is 8.0, which was released in March 2013. Though it was developed mainly for the purpose of Time-Series and Econometric Analysis, now it is also widely used for general statistical analysis, such as Regression Analysis, Cross-sectional analysis and Panel data analysis.

Eviews can be operated either not only by the use of menu-driven object-oriented interface, but also by writing simple programs in the Programming Language of Eviews. Moreover, writing programs in Eviews is very easy and we need not put much effort in writing a program. Even though the data storage in Eviews is mainly based on a proprietary and undocumented file format, it will supports various formats for the process of input and output. The file formats support by Eviews are databank format, various Excel formats, SPSS, SAS, Stata, RATS, and TSP. It can also access the database given in the form of ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). It is known that gretl is a statistical package, mainly used in the area Econometrics. Gretl can partially open an Eviews file.

Eviews Assignment Help

We offer eviews assignment help and homework to economics and statistics students in performing econometric analysis. We provide detailed step by step solution along with graphs, charts and histograms to support the analysis and interpretation. Apart from detailed solution we provide codes and output file. We also provide sample solution to students before they place their order on our website so as to have an idea of our way and format of solving questions using eviews.

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