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MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac Operating Systems. The main feature of Excel includes numerical calculations / arithmetic operations, tools for graphical representation, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. The features of Excel are widely used in various fields such as Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, and Engineering. It is a spreadsheet application, where the number of sheets can be added as per our requirements. Each sheet consists of cells with rows and columns, where each cell has different address with respect to row and column.

Many arithmetic operations such as sum, product, subtraction and division are available in Excel spreadsheet. Also, logical functions such as AND, FALSE, IF, IFERROR, NOT, and OR are available to do certain operations such as to test some mathematical conditions and to find an answer by constructing some complicated formula in Excel spreadsheet. Similarly, it also includes some financial functions such as ACCRINT, FV, IPMT, IRR, NPV, and so on, which are very much useful in the field of Stock Market, Chartered Accounts and related fields. 

Excel is very much useful to show the given data in terms of suitable tables and graphs. The main features of Excel includes PivotTable, Table, Picture, Shapes, Clip art, Charts such as bar chart, and scatter plot. For instance, these features are helpful in showing the performance of sales data in terms of Pivot Table with relevant graphical representation. Some of the statistical analysis can also be done by the use of Excel and it can be obtained by the 'Data Analysis' tool available under the 'Data'  menu. The required graphs or charts can be constructed by the use of chart tools available in Excel under the 'Insert' menu. Some of the most popular graphical representation are Scatter plot with fitted lines, Line graphs and Bar charts. For statistics students, we offer excel assignment help to solve their academic assignments.

We Offer Excel Assignment Help

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