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Statistics and Computer

Some People have an impression that the study of statistics necessarily involves the study of computer also. However, this is not true – the computer science and statistics are different disciplines. Needless to say that the computer is an extremely useful tool which can be applied to the solution of statistical and many other types of problems. The computer has made it possible to undertake statistical studies that involve the compilation and analysis of large masses of data and several variables. The computations can be performed easily and quickly with the help of computer particularly when standard of packaged programmes are available.

The computations required in the solutions to several practical businesses, economics and other type of problems involving volumes of data of varied type are very tedious and lengthy.

In the text book no further references to computer is made for the reasons given below:

1. The illustrations and problems given in this text are simple, not too long or complicated and can easily be solved with the help of simple arithmetic.

2. Solving problems is a part of learning process. Statistical methods cannot be learnt nor the logic of techniques be assimilated if the computer does all or most of the work.

3. The book provides knowledge of several statistical tools which are of vital use in decisions-making and as such devoted entirely to statistics.

It may be suggested that in any practical situations in which a problem is too complex involving lot of computations, computer help be taken. However, no computer, howsoever latest and sophisticated it may be, is capable of formulating the problem – it is only a person who can do that.
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