Having trouble with my sociology homework.. Anyone care to help?

Having trouble with my sociology homework.. Anyone care to help?

1. what features of U.S. society might explain why children are raised in small nuclear families rather than in extended kin groups?

2. Can you think of an example from U.S. culture for which values, norms, and laws are not consistent with each other? What are the consequences of these inconsistencies?

3. How do environment, isolation, technology, and dominant cultural themes contribute to the maintenance and diffusion of youth subcultures?

4. Identify three white anglo-saxon protestant american ethnic foods. (If you have trouble conceptualizing this, think about why this is difficult). If you are not WASP, also identify a favorite ethnic food from your own culture. What do these foods mean to you? what do they mean to others? when and where do you feel comfortable eating and talking about these foods? why?

I don't know why.. But this subject is extremely difficult for me.. Everything seems to go in one ear and out the other.. and I am a 4.0 student but I just can not get into this subject.. I think its partly the way the instructor teaches.. Just reading straight from the book. Anyways.. If anyone can help with these questions, I would appreciate it. Thanks!a

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