Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How Tutorhelpdesk provides better online homework assignment help and online live tutoring help than other sites?

Tutorhelpdesk is a family of certified and experienced experts and tutors who have vast knowledge and experience in diverse educational fields. Our panel of experts are well aware of the changing and demanding educational patterns. We have been following a multi-step process for the selection of our expert tutors. Apart from our intellectual work force we give primary importance to the service process. We follow simple step process through which a student can approach us anytime with convenience, affordability and ease.

Q.2. What are the services offered by Tutorhelpdesk?
Ans: We provide email based online assignment homework help and online live tutoring help to students starting from school to post-graduation level. We offer qualitative solutions and an ultimate learning experience at most affordable cost.

Q.3. How the process works?
Tutor Help desk Homework help or Assignment help process is very simple. You just need to send us your homework. We will evaluate it and deliver the solution your inbox.

Step 1:- Send your questions or homework to us at OR submit your homework through the "submit your homework" button on our website. You can also come online on our chat support & have a interaction with our support staff to convey us your requirements in a detailed manner.

Step 2:- Our experts will evaluate your homework questions and we will provide you our estimate price quote for your homework.
Step 3:- You make payment for your assignment and our tutors will start working on the assignment.
Step 4:- We submit you the solutions on time through email before the deadline.
Step 5:- You can always come back to us for further doubts, clarifications or modifications if any

For Online Live Tutoring:
Online tutoring is an interactive way to get online tutoring sessions. It requires a computer/Laptop with an Internet connection. A head set with microphone and earphones will enable you to have a voice-enabled session in a web based platform called whiteboard.

Step 1:- Click on the “Schedule your session” button and fill the form to send us your tutoring needs. You can also send us an email at We will get back to you with the confirmation of session along with the price estimate depending on the number of hours of study. Alternatively you can aslso come online on our chat support by clicking on the link given below:

Step 2:- You make payment for your session and we will provide you with a link for the session at a scheduled time.
Step 3:- You need to click on the link to get connected to our tutor on a interactive web based platform called whiteboard.
Step 4:- You may cancel or reschedule the session as per your convenience.

Q.4. How long it will take to get a response once I submit my requirements?
Once you submit your homework or assignment to us, we will evaluate it and send you a price quote for the assignment. Once you make the payment, we will start working on it and the solution to the homework assignment will be delivered to your inbox on or before the mutually agreed deadline.

For online tutoring, once we receive your request details, we will find a tutor and schedule a session at a convenient time. Once you make the payment we will send you the link for the session. You just need to click on the link to start taking your session.

Q.5. May I ask doubts in between the session or related to the solution of my homework assignment?
Yes, you can ask all your doubts while having an online session with our tutors. You can even send us your doubts related to the solution we have provided for your homework assignment. No additional fee will be charged for doubts related to your homework assignment.

Q.6. How should I make sure that the tutor has understood the specifications of the homework assignment and the solutions is going to be correct in all respects?
For most of the homework assignments we have experts who know the criticalities as they have experience of solving more than thousand assignments. In case if we feel we need more clarifications we will send you an email to make things more transparent.

Q.7. What is the criteria for pricing a particular homework assignment?
Pricing depends upon certain evaluation parameters like subject, level of homework assignment, level of difficulty of assignment, amount of work involved, specification of format and the deadline while evaluating a certain homework or assignment.

Q.8. What kind of experience do your tutors have?
Our panel of experts are highly experienced with over 7 years of industry as well as teaching experience which gives them a edge to follow a practical approach while teaching students. We follow a rigorous procedure for selecting our experts. Most of our tutors are postgraduates in their respective fields and they are aware of the changing patterns and expected level of performance by schools, colleges and universities.

Q.9. How do I check the status and progress of my homework assignment?
You can come online on our live chat support anytime to know the progress of your homework assignment or you can send us an email. You will be responded within few hours.

Q.10. What all things I need to attend a session and how to get connected to the tutor?
All you need is a computer/Laptop with an Internet connection. A head set with microphone and earphones will enable you to have a voice-enabled session in our web based platform called whiteboard. You will get a link in the email once you schedule the session after making payment. All you need to do is click on the link and enter you name to get connected to the tutor.

Q.11. How can I make the payment?
You can make Payment by a PayPal account or credit card.

Once you are on the payment page click on PayPal Buy now. If you want to make payment by Credit Card please Enter Your Billing Information and continue to make payment. Or if you want to make payment through PayPal Account, please enter the details of your PayPal account (email & password). After that you will be directed to the PayPal payment gateway page. It’s totally safe and secure mode of payment. As soon as payment is done, please send us the Transaction ID for approval.

Q.12. What is your privacy policy?
We offer 100% safe and secure services. We keep the contact information of our students as well as experts confidential.