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Biometry is the application of statistical techniques in the field of biology. The science of biometry is a complex process that incorporates the design of biological experiments- commonly used in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture and fishery- data collection, analysis and interpretation. It also refers to a system of measuring and analysing human body characteristics.

Biometrics is used in organisations to keep track of the workforce. Human characteristics, physiological or behavioural, are keyed in to a biometric system. The most used traits are fingerprints, facial features, voices and eye characteristics. The traits are unique for every person, employees are identified by them.

The biometric technique to be used in an organisation is based on a number of decision factors. These factors include economic feasibility (cost), risk analysis, perception of users, technosocio feasibility, security, user friendly and social acceptability, legal feasibility and privacy. This vary across organisations. Biometry is important in business organisations.

Biometry Assignment Help

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