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With the instability that is happening in the economy, it is essential that some plans should be formulated in order to help stabilize the economy. In such case, some individual has already made their part by establishing a small business. As a matter of fact, majority of the businesses that are operating today is comprised by small business ventures. In consideration with that, some agencies and even concerned people have put up an organization that aims to provide and help entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop their ventures continuously.

In order to improve the business, they should focus on making a strong foundation. This can be achieved if the business plan is properly made in which all the aspects must have been studied well so that the implementation of the goals and objectives will be executed well. 

Some of the tips, which can be applied on Entrepreneurship and small business development include: always be competitive meaning, they must always create and provide new products so that customers will never stop patronizing the products and services that the business is offering. They must always adapt to current trends and make a full advantage out of it. The most important thing that they should look into is the manpower skill development since, without manpower, accomplishments can never be made.

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Entrepreneurship Homework Topics:
Max Webers Theory Of Social Change
Hoselitz Sociological Theory
Trait Theory Of Entrepreneurship
Economic Theory Of Entrepreneurship
Schumpeters Innovation Theory
Mcclellands Psychological Theory
Theory Of Social Behavior
X Efficiency Theory
Requisites Of Success In Business
Steps In Setting Up A New Business Unit
Enterprise Process Model
Practical Steps In Setting Up A Small Enterprise
Launching The Enterprise
Business Opportunity
Elements Of A Business Opportunity
Factors Involved In Sensing Opportunities
Idea Generation
Approaches To Generating Ideas
Selection Of Project Idea
Idea Fields
Transformation Of Idea Into Opportunities
Product Identification
Assessment Of Idea And Opportunity
Market Assessment
Feasibility Study
Opportunities In The Environment
Importance Of Environment
Analysis Of Environment
Competitive Analysis Of Market
Five Forces Analysis
Threat Of Entry Of New Firms
Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
Bargaining Power Of Buyers
Threat Of Substitute Products
Sectoral Analysis
International Institutions
Swot Analysis
Business Planning
Proposed Business Plan
Project Feasibility Plan
Project Report
Feasibility Study
Technical Feasibility
Market Feasibility
Financial Feasibility
Socio Economic Feasibility
Project Appraisal
Sole Proprietorship
Advantages Sole Proprietorship
Disadvantages Sole Proprietorship
Partnership Firm
Partnership Of Advantages
Partnership Of Disadvantages
Choice Of Form Of Organization
Stage In Formation Of A Company
Company Promotion
Functions Of Promoters
Types Of Promoters
Role Of A Promoter
Commencement Of Business
Memorandum Of Association
Articles Of Association
Entrepreneurial Qualities
Features Of Values
Importance Of Understanding Values
Sources Of Values
Components Of Attitudes
Features Of Attitudes
Sources Of Attitudes
Essential Attitudes Of Successful Entrepreneurs
Nature Of Motivation
Significance Of Motivation
Maslows Need Hierarchy Model
Mcclellands Psycho Theory
Elements Of Entrepreneurial Competencies
Entrepreneurial Competencies
Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies
Behavioral Competencies
Creativity And Innovation
Risk Taking And Risk Management
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Components Of Creativity
Climate For Creativity
Types Of Creativity
Forms Of Creativity
Stages In Creativity Process
Techniques Of Creative Thinking
Convergent Thinking
Divergent Thinking
Types Of Innovation
Elements Of Innovation
Business Risk
Nature Of Business Risks
Causes Of Business Risks
Classification Of Risks
Insurable Risks
Non Insurable Risks
Risk Management
Methods Of Risks Management
Social Responsibility
Assumption Of Social Responsibility
Kinds Of Social Responsibility
Carrols Model of Corporate Social Responsibility
Dimensions Of Social Responsibility
Areas Of Social Responsibility
Social Responsiveness
Business Ethics
Nature Of Business Ethics
Importance Of Business Ethics
Determinants Of Business Ethics
Business Values
Levels Of Business
Entrepreneur Development Programme
Entrepreneurship And Economic Growth
Importance Of Entrepreneurship
Innovation And Change
Generation Of Employment Opportunities
Social Stability
Supplementing And Complementing Economic Growth
Export Processing Zones
Special Economic Zones
Measures For Export Promotion
Features Of Franchising
Benefits Of Franchising
Business Process Outsourcing
Importance Of Outsourcing
Types Of Services Outsourced
Service Sector
Types Of Services
Green Entrepreneurship
Concept Of Industrial Sickness
External Causes Of Industrial Sickness
Internal Causes Of Industrial Sickness
Consequences Of Industrial Sickness
Management Of Self
Enterprise Management
Management As Process
Niche Marketing
Managerial Planning
Steps In Planning Process
Requirements Of A Good Plan
Kinds Of Planning
Human Resource Management
Directing And Executing
Decision Making
Types Of Decisions
Significance Of Decision Making
Steps In Decision Making
Business Of Growth
Factors That Influence Growth
Importance Of Growth
Growth Strategies
Types Of Growth Strategies
Intensive Growth Strategy
Diversification Strategy
Advantages Of Diversification
Limitations Of Diversification
Integrative Growth Strategy
Merger Vs Takeover
Benefits Of Merger
Limitations Of Merger
Benefits Of Joint Venture
Problems Of Joint Ventures
Guidelines For Effectiveness Of Joint Ventures
Horizontal Integration
Vertical Integration
Backward Integration
Forward Integration
Difference Between Horizontal Integration And Vert
Significance Of Business Finance
Financial Management
Objectives Of Financial Management
Entrepreneur And Financial Management Functions
Financial Planning
Factors Affecting Financial Planning
Capital Structure
Factors Influencing Capital Structure
Trading On Equity
Personal Financing
Public Financing
Equity Financing
Venture Capital Financing
Debt Financing
Assessment Of Capital Requirements
Fixed Capital
Factors Affecting Fixed Capital
Working Capital Management
Factors Affecting Working Capital
Types Business Finance
Ownership Capital
Borrowed Capital
Long Term Finance
Medium Term Finance
Short Term Finance
Equity Shares Source Of Finance
Preference Shares
Retained Profits
Public Deposits
Term Loans
Trade Credit
Commercial Papers
Discounting Of Bill Of Exchange
Venture Capital
Role Of Venture Capital
Considerations In Extending Venture Finance
Lease Finance
Types Of Leasing
Role Of Lease Finance
Drawbacks Of Lease Finance
Debentures Source Of Finance
Equity Shares
Financial Accounting
Recording Of Transactions
Financial Statements
Financial Statements Analysis
Ratio Analysis
Profitability Ratios
Liquidity Ratios
Solvency Or Leverage Ratios
Turnover Rations
Limitations Ratio Analysis
Break Even Analysis