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Questions & Answers

Anyone can solve physics question?

1. A 0.013 kg rubber stopper is attached to a 0.93 m length of string. The stopper is swung in a
horizontal circle, making one revolution in 1.1
How to slove physics question?

A block with mass M=7.50 kg is initially moving up the incline and is increasing speed with a=3.08 m/s2. The applied force F is horizontal. The coeffi
Physics question? Need help!

A frieMD climbs and apple tree and drops a 0.22 kg apple from rest to you, standing 3.5 m below. When you cat the apple, you bring it to rest in 0.28
Someone can help with physics quesiton?

1)  A 0.65 kg rubber ball has a speed of 2.0 m/s at point A and kinetic energy of 9.0 J at point B.

 (a) Determine the ball's k
Physics Friction formula help!?

A box of mass M is being accelerated up a vertical wall by a constant force F applied at an angle θ with the vertical, as shown. If the coefficient o
How to solve physics homework help?

A truck of mass 3000 Kg, moving at 5 m/s on a level icy road, bumps into a car moving 2.0 m/s in
the same direction. After the impact, the truck
Physics question?

Q 1. Rho wants to know how fast an arrow is traveling when it leaves his bow. He goes to a field with a friend. At the moment that Rho releases the ar
Help with technical physics!!

A box of mass 10 kg is pushed across the floor with a force of 25 N. A 2 N frictional force opposes the motion.

1.What is the acceleratio
Physics homework question?

Question Part
Submissions Used
Imagine an astronaut having a mass of 70 kg floating in space 14.0 m away from the center-of-g
Can someone help with physics question?

David is asked to move two boxes of books in contact with each other and resting on a frictionless floor. He decides to move them at the same time by
Someone please help me physics question??

A fish swims through the water due to Newton's 3rd law what two letters are responsible for the fish's motion

A. The water pushes forward
Help on physics question please!?

Q1. The specific heat capacity of aluminum is about twice that of iron. Consider two blocks of equal mass, one made of aluminum and the other one made
Quantum physics help please

1. An electron is in the +x spin state.

(a) Find ⟨Sz⟩ and ∆Sz for this electron.

(b) This electron goes through a Ster
Can someone please help me with physics?

You’re driving in a convertible car with the top up and the windows closed. You note that the fabric top puffs up. To what can this phenomenon be at
Can you someone help with physics assignment?

Q1.) A 0.290 kg block on a vertical spring with a spring constant of 5.00 ✕ 103 N/m is pushed downward, compressing the spring 0.110 m. When release
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     Physics Assignment Help | Physics Online Tutor | Help With Physics Assignment


Bill Bryson in his book ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ has described Physics as really nothing more than a look for ultimate simplicity. Physics is a study of matter, the fundamental object that makes just about anything and the energy that binds the matter. It is an experimental science that uses the logical method to formulate and test a set of hypothesis.

The purpose of physics is to formulate laws that govern the functioning of physical world. Physical laws are more often than not based on mathematical language. Physics is regarded as the most fundamental subject of natural sciences. It is divided into many sub areas like electronics, quantum physics, astronomy, and biophysics.

Physics is a subject that anybody should know. Scientific education opens the horizon of a human being. As Richard Feynman the famous Physicist had said that Science is a method of teaching how we get to know something, trying to find what is not known, and to the extent things are known (because nothing is known completely), how to handle doubt and uncertainty, finding the rules of evidence, trying to think about things so that judgments can be made, and trying to distinguish truth from fraud.

Physics Assignment Help

Weekly physics assignments have a fundamental and significant role in the course curriculum. University Professors and college tutors allot physics assignments as an initiative to test the knowledge and learning process of a student. These physics assignments are basically the application of daily classroom lectures. If you are looking for physics tutor help to be available for you anytime then you can avail the services of our physics assignment helpers.  Our physics assignment help service is based on offering help to those students who lack in understanding the basic concepts and possess a slow learning skill.

We offer physics assignment help starting from school to college level. Our services include help with atomic physics, astrophysics, dynamics, electricity magnetism, fluid mechanics, light and optics, thermodynamics, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, statistical physics etc. Some of our specialized physics tutor help services consist of help in online physics quizzes, physics exams and tests and online homework and assignments associated with websites like masteringphysics, webassign etc. We have instant webassign and masteringphysics homework helpers who can guarantee an A-grade in all your homework and assignments.

Physics Assignment Tutors

We have a distinguished panel of university and college physics tutors available 24X7 to help you in physics assignments of any grade or level. We follow a systematic approach in providing simple solution to complex physics problems. Our physics assignment tutors adopt latest tools and techniques to simplify physics for you. We provide step by step physics assignment solution to any given problem in order to make it easily understandable.

The primary highlights of our service includes prompt response on assignment quotes, high quality plagiarism free solution, on time delivery and query handling at no additional cost. We don’t believe in hiring a lot of physics assignment tutors available for you irrespective of stress on quality. Rather we believe on hiring specialized tutors with good experience in teaching and solving assignments.

We offer Physics Assignment help in following areas:

Acoustics & Sound Astrophysics Atomic Physics Dynamics Electricity & Magnetism
Electromagnetic Theory Fluid Mechanics Heat & Thermodynamics Relativity Light & Optics
Mathematical Physics Mechanics Nuclear Physics Particle Physics Plasma Physics
Quantum Mechanics Solid State Physics Spectroscopy Statistical Physics Wave & wave Mechanics

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Physics Homework Topics:

Our Physics Assignment Help Services Includes:

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